Sunday, April 14, 2013

 Mary M. and her daughter lost their house to Hurricane Katrina and then again to a fire.  A group of "teen angels" came to their rescue.  You definitely will need a tissue when you read this happy news.
In the beginning there was an empty lot. The only thing there was grass. The thought of building a house scared me. The how's, the dos, the how much!!! Well it wasn't long before the lot was filled with terrific volunteers all the way from New York, yep Volunteers! I knew at the moment they got there it would begin. They came in droves. The van doors opened and out climbed a soccer team from New York. Yep, you heard me, a soccer team of girls at that. Girls that were determined to begin the quest of building a home for my 12 year old daughter. Dani was delighted. The teachers/coaches of the team gave the girl hammers, nail pouches and the wood and the work began. The first day, the girls all hyped up, set a goal for themselves. They had worked in the rain several of those days, the downpour didn't stop them. The work they completed within the 5 days was great. Kudos to this group. The floor and two walls were built and stood up to begin the first stage of our home and this is the group I am so thankful for. You will see updates, I can't wait until this group comes back to have a BBQ when the house is complete, in the yard of what once was an empty green lot.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My friend's little girl is celebrating her 4th birthday today.  That's such a cute age.  Enjoy your party and Happy Birthday Jaqueline!
What a way to start your day with a happy picture.  This was taken by Nonie H. from her kitchen window in the state of Washington.  Just beautiful Nonie!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to Sunshine Happy News! A place to make you smile with only good news!

Welcome to The Sunshine Happy News!  My nine year old granddaughter, Trinity, came up with the name for this online paper for just happy news.  With so much negativity in the paper and online, I wanted to have a place where people can let others know about the good things that are happening around. Did your child or grandchild do something to make your proud?  Let us know!  Did you or someone you know earn an award?  Let us know!  Do you have tips on eating and staying healthy?  Let us know that too!  We will take stories and articles on any good and positive news. If you want the world to hear your sunshine, happy news, email it to  Let's make everyone smile with happy news!